Between now and May 1st we will be sharing our workshops descriptions, so you can learn what’s on offer and plan which workshops to choose. This year we went over the top and are offering 16 workshops! The full list and schedule will be posted here within the next few weeks.

Click on a workshop title to learn more about it.

Workshop 1: Fearless Sketching with Pen, Ink and Watercolor

Instructor: Adriana Gasparich

Workshop 2: Perspective, Proportion and Value for the Urban Sketcher

Instructor:  Andrew Banks

Workshop 3: The Poetry of Speed Sketching

Instructor: Barbara Weeks

Workshop 4: Flora and Fauna in Situ

Instructor: Deirdre Fox

Workshop 5: Drawing Urban Dwellers

Instructor: Don Colley

Workshop 6: Creating a Rich Drawing

Instructor: Don Colley

Workshop 7: Urban Sketching in Oil Paint

Instructor: Don Yang

Workshop 8: Art Materials Lecture

Instructor: Ed Brickler

Workshop 9: Architecture Sketching Tour

Guide: Joann Sondy

Workshop 10: Coptic Bookbinding

Instructor: Jodie McGovern

Workshop 11: How to Sketch Like an Architect

Instructor: Joel Berman

Workshop 12: Rapid Sketch with Watercolor and Velasquez Palette

Instructor: Keelan Kaiser

Workshop 13: Capturing Chicago’s Rhythm and Energy

Instructor: Lisa Flahive

Workshop 14: Urban Sketching with Colored Pencils

Instructor: Mark Jones

Workshop 15: Urban Sketches that Tell Stories

Instructor: Ted Gordon

Workshop 16: Sketching with Markers

Instructor: Wes Douglas