Sponsor Announcement: Winsor & Newton


Urban Sketchers Chicago welcomes Winsor & Newton as the sole paint sponsor of the 2016 Sketch Seminar!  This will be Winsor & Newton’s second year as a Chicago Sketch Seminar Sponsor and we are excited to see the artwork that urban sketchers will create with their paints!  Winsor & Newton’s generous contributions to the Seminar will include sets of professional watercolor paints to each participant in both Workshop #1 Fearless Sketching with Pen, Ink and Watercolor and Workshop #12 Rapid Sketch with Watercolor and Velazquez Palette.  Participants in Workshop #7  Urban Sketching in Oil Paint will also receive a set of oil paints to use during this workshop and all participants can expect to receive a special item in their gift bags upon signing in to the event weekend.  Make sure to visit Winsor & Newton’s website, and follow them on social media!  Many thanks to Winsor & Newton from the entire USk Chicago community!

Website: http://www.winsornewton.com/na/shop
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WinsorNewton/?fref=ts
Twitter: @winsorandnewton
Instagram: @winsorandnewton