2016 USk Chicago Sketch Seminar begins!

Opening speech by Alex. #uskchicago2016

Going green!

Dear seminar participants,

In order to reduce paper waste, we decided not to print individual workshop location maps this year. Please save a copy of the workshop map on your mobile device, or print a copy for yourself. If needed, we will have one master copy of the map at the seminar headquarters (i.e., The American Academy of Art).

Thank you for your understanding. See you all tomorrow!


2016 USk Sketch Seminar map


Dressed for Sketch-cess (repost)

Are you ready for the seminar? If you’re still deciding on what to wear and what to bring-Here’s a repost from Wes Douglas that might be of help:

Hopefully you already know what to bring, how to pack and what to wear. Fear not because, thankfully, urban sketching is nothing like going on vacation or climbing Mount Everest. All you really need is something to draw on and something to draw with…a pencil and a sketchbook. Done. Beyond that it is a personal preference for your style of sketching and whatever your workshop instructor has suggested for you bring.

If you scan through the past Tuesday Tips & Tricks, you will see a vast collection of techniques and how-to’s that mention recommended brands of art supplies. And as long as you trust the Chicago Sketch Seminar Sponsors*, you just can’t go wrong. But unless you want to drag a rolling suitcase around with you all day, decide how you plan to sketch that day and simplify your supplies to fit in your shoulder bag or backpack.

So how about that third question: “what to wear?” Perhaps you have heard the phrase “travel light?” This is very good advice when you will be walking the streets of Chicago with a few too many art supplies. And yet with Chicago weather you never really know what to expect so you have to plan for contingencies. Here then is my survivor’s guide to urban sketching in Chicago.

> wear something to protect your head
> wear something to protect your eyes from the sun
> wear something to protect your skin from the sun and possibly insects
> wear something because we are a casual group, just not THAT casual

The diagram below shows the anatomy of the properly outfitted Urban Sketcher:


A collection of Urban Sketchers’ Popular Seats, Stools and Chairs:


Preparing for the Seminar

Only 4 more days until the 2016 USk Chicago sketch seminar! To help you prepare, we’d like to share with you the workshop location map. We hope you’re excited as we are to  sketch around the magnificent Michigan Avenue, Millennium Park, and the American Academy of Art.

Don’t forget to meet at the American Academy of Art at 9am on Saturday for the seminar opening.

At this time, the weather is looking great for this sketch seminar weekend. If there’s any chance of rain, we’ll keep you posted of all “rain delay” workshop locations.

See you all soon!


2016 USk Sketch Seminar map

Sponsor Announcement: Dudek Modern Goods

Dudek 6x6The+Daily+Promo

Urban Sketchers Chicago is excited to announce Dudek Modern Good’s sponsorship of the Chicago Sketch Seminar!  Dudek Modern Goods is a small business based in Arizona which produces hand crafted pen, pencil, notebook and inkwell holders.  These modern, and unique holders are perfect for keeping your most used urban sketching tools organized and ready to use on a a daily basis.  Visit Dudek Modern Good’s website to see the full line.

Participants at this year’s Seminar will have the opportunity to enter a raffle for a chance to win “The Daily“, a pen and notebook holder in one.

Many thanks to Mike at Mike at Dudek Modern Goods for sharing his work with our group and for his support of the arts and small businesses.

Make sure to visit Dudek Modern Goods website, and follow them on social media!

Website: http://www.dudekmoderngoods.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=dudekmodgoods
Instagram: @dudekmoderngoods