Our Sketch Seminar Crew

We thought that you may want to know who are the elves toiling in the background to bring you USk Chicago Sketch Seminar 2016. Here is our Sketch Seminar Planning team – everybody:

Adriana Gasparish – workshop instructor

Alex Zonis – planning coordinator, USk Global liason, Workshops team

Andrew Banks – workshop instructor, Sponsorship lead, Seminar Correspondent

Barbara Weeks – workshop instructor, Workshops team

Deirdre Fox – workshop instructor

Don Yang – workshop instructor, American Academy of Art representative

Donald Colley – workshop instructor

Ed Brickler – workshop instructor

Joan Stachnik – Registration team

Joann Sondy – workshop instructor

Jodie McGovern – workshop instructor

Joel Berman – workshop instructor, Hospitality team

Keelan Kaiser – workshop instructor

Kordt Larsen – Seminar Correspondent and videographer

Lisa Flahive – workshop instructor

Mark Jones – workshop instructor

Mary Russo – Registration lead, Communications team

Mary Longe – PR team, Hospitality team

Paul Ingold – Communications team, Seminar Correspondent

Peggy Condon – Registration team, Hospitality team

Rick Russo – Rick is Mary’s husband, he just helps with everything. Amazing!

Ted Gordon – workshop instructor

Wes Douglas – workshop instructor, PR lead, Seminar Correspondent

This all looks well organized and we try. In reality we juggle numerous jobs that sometimes can be categorized only as “something that needs to get done right now” and does not fit into any other defined category. Our Registrar Mary worked as our Editor-in-Chief and blogger! Our PR lead Wes produces the Seminar map. Several crew members from various areas  will be making gift bags for our participants.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on July 9 for two days of sketching, learning and fun!


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