Meet Our Instructors: Barbara Weeks

barbara-introBarbara received a BFA from St. John’s University, New York, and is happy to have worked in the field of art in many capacities ever since.  For two decades, she worked as art director and production manager in the magazine publishing industry.  In 2005, Barbara took that experience and founded Remarque Design, LLC, a company dedicated to personal and corporate design services, including illustration.

Barbara has been a member of Urban Sketchers Chicago since its inception.  She is a member of the Illinois Watercolor Society, as well as Urban Sketchers, is a correspondent to the USk Chicago blog, and a contributor to Tuesday Tips and Tricks.  She has been a guest blogger for as “Urban Sketcher Meets Urban Farmer.”

Barbara teaches private sketching and journaling classes that use watercolor and sketching to record everyday life.  During the summer seminar this year, Barbara will be teaching the workshop, The Poetry of Speed Sketching.


To see more of Barbara’s work, please visit


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