Meet Our Instructors: Lisa Flahive

Lisa Flahive

Photo by Robert DeGabriele

Lisa is most widely known for her expressive drawings and watercolors of jazz musicians, which are created live, in the moment, on the bandstand.  This allows her to improvise, react, and communicate with the musicians.  She chooses water media because it reflects the life of the music and must be created boldly, in the moment.

Lisa paints what inspires her, such as cafes or chefs in the kitchen.  She also loves to capture the energy of a city, as seen in her vibrant street scenes, many of which are painted en plein air, at night.  Lisa is the artist in residence for Chateau Chantal Winery in Traverse City, Michigan, and paints live on the bandstand every Thursday during their popular Jazz at Sunset series.

Having a special interest in pen and marker sketches of lively street scenes, Lisa will be leading this year’s seminar workshop, Capturing Chicago’s Rhythm and Energy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.15.31 AM

To see more of Lisa’s work, please visit


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