Sponsor Announcement: General Pencil Co.

General Pencil

Urban Sketchers Chicago is excited to announce General Pencil Company‘s sponsorship of the Chicago Sketch Seminar for a second year in a row!  General Pencil Company has been proudly making a wide range of pencils and artist supplies in the USA since 1889.  Their pencils and pencil sets were warmly welcomed and immediately used by last year’s Seminar participants and we are excited to share them with you again at this year’s event!

This year, General Pencil Co. will be providing pencils specifically for use in Workshop #3 Poetry of Speed Sketching and Workshop #11 How to Sketch Like and Architect, to each participant in their welcome gift bags, as well as several great raffle items for a raffle event to be held at Sunday afternoon’s reception.  USk Chicago thanks General Pencil Company’s generous and continued support of our artist community!

Make sure to visit General Pencil Co’s website, and follow them on social media!

Website: http://www.generalpencil.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeneralPencil/?fref=ts
Twitter: @GeneralPencil
Instagram: @GeneralPencil


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