Meet Our Instructors: Andrew Banks

Andrew is an artist and freelance illustrator.  He works with watercolor, pen and ink, and graphite.  His subjects of choice are architecture, architectural landscapes and cityscapes.banks-headshot-for-web1

Andrew has always enjoyed sketching, but it wasn’t until a six-week study abroad trip to Europe in 2008 solidified his passion for on-location sketching.  Visiting cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Copenhagen, and Stockholm, Andrew was inspired by the ancient architecture, urban fabric and vibrant city life.  For the duration of his trip, he captured these experiences in sketchbooks, illustrating architecture and recording the sights, sounds, and smells of each new location.

Andrew started following the Urban Sketchers movement in 2008, and has been a member of Urban Sketchers Chicago since 2013.  He is one of USk Chicago’s administrators, serving on the seminar and group planning team, and helping to manage its social media accounts throughout the year.  Andrew also manages the global Urban Sketchers Twitter account, @urbansketchers.

Andrew’s area of expertise is in sketching architecture and architectural landscapes in pen and ink, graphite, and watercolor.  At this year’s summer seminar, Andrew will be teaching the workshop, Perspective, Proportion and Value for the Urban Sketcher.


To see more of Andrew’s work, please visit


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