Meet Our Instructors: Adriana Gasparich

During the month of May, we will be introducing you to our instructors.  Today, we begin with Adriana Gasparich.

Adriana is a native of Mexico, who received a bachelor’s degree as a Food Engineer.  She worked in the food industry in Mexico before moving to the United States 12 years ago. adriana_gasparich

Adriana has always liked drawing.  Her first encounter with art was when her mother took her to watercolor classes.  Adriana was just five or six years old.  Art caught her interest again as an adult, so she began to take drawing and watercolor painting workshops at Joliet Junior College years ago, and continues taking workshops today.

Adriana also learned some tricks and tips by reading books from fellow sketchers, starting with Danny Gregory’s “Everyday Matters,” and Gabriel Campanario’s “The Art of Urban Sketching.”  She has been participating in Urban Sketchers Chicago since 2013.

Adriana says, “I like to register anything that catches my attention.  It can be anything, really.  I love sketching and put lots of color in my sketches.  Sketching gives me a sense of accomplishment, and color makes me happy.  I am inspired by anyone who has the courage to make art and expose it to the world.”

Adriana Gasparich - sketch 3

Adriana loves to sketch with pen, ink, and watercolor – on any subject.  At our 2016 seminar this summer, she will be teaching Fearless Sketching with Pen, Ink, and Watercolor.

You can see more of Adriana’s art at



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