Workshop 6: Creating a Rich Drawing

Instructor:  Don Colley


The challenge of creating a rich drawing is made easier if you are using a varied range of tools.  This workshop will address strategies of opening the drawing and setting up the page to further develop features.  This workshop will work as Part 2 to the workshop, “Drawing Urban Dwellers,” but also can be taken independently.  Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • how to shift gears by changing the nib width or switching to brush work
  • how to rapidly capture planes and strong features
  • how to render more than objects and perspective, thereby suggesting mood, light, season, weather and time of day
  • how to take advantage of the inherent qualities of the paper and tools

Learning Goals:

  • using time effectively by using tools appropriate for the job
  • editing to reduce the number of details without losing liveliness and character
  • enhancing the drawing by introducing a broader range of marks and values


  • sketchbook of modest scale: 6″x9″ up to 8-1/2″x11″
  • instructor will supply the drawing tools, which will be graphite and water soluble graphite, and a range of Pitt Artist Pens, aka pigmented markers

Don’s sketches:




See more of Don’s work at

2 thoughts on “Workshop 6: Creating a Rich Drawing

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