Workshop 5: Drawing Urban Dwellers

Instructor:  Don Colley


Sketching in public offers the challenge of capturing the static architectural elements as well as the dynamic human inhabitants of that environment.

Making use of even a small array of tools will enable and enhance the artist’s ability to develop the drawing quickly, depending more on efficiency rather than speed.  Key to a fruitful effort is a decisive strategy, where the artist begins with the drawing’s purpose, and an editing process that focuses on pertinent elements and the elimination of unnecessary features.

This workshop will take place in a classroom setting.  The instructor will demonstrate the process during the first half of the class, and guide the participants through an exercise during the second half.

Learning Goals:

Participants will learn and practice three stages of progression of location drawing:

  • opening the drawing and general layout
  • capturing salient features of people while leaving the drawing open to allow for movement
  • tying elements together and refining the scene


  • sketchbook of modest scale: 6″x9″ up to 8-1/2″x11″
  • instructor will supply the drawing tools, which will be graphite and water soluble graphite, and a range of Pitt Artist Pens, aka pigmented markers

Don’s sketches:




See more of Don’s work at


3 thoughts on “Workshop 5: Drawing Urban Dwellers

  1. Boo hoo! We are only up to #5 plus a mention of colored pencils and I have already run out of my quota of sessions. Choosing is becoming more difficult each year…not quite agony yet.


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