Workshop 1: Fearless Sketching with Pen, Ink and Watercolor

Instructor: Adriana Gasparich

Description: Watercolor is a classic media for urban sketchers which portability and easy set up allow us to take any opportunity to capture a scene fast, but sometimes intimidation or fear doesn’t let us get the results that we want or to enjoy the process of sketching. This workshop offers you tips to be fearless, confident and overcome any obstacle that will help you to print your personality on your sketch by knowing what to sketch, how to make an interesting composition fast, using ink straight on paper and use watercolor wisely to get clear and bright colors.

In first half of the workshop, we will focus on working with ink with emphasis on the importance of what to sketch and the composition of the sketch. I’ll show examples during the explanation. Then the participants will have time, on site, to sketch one or more sketches using only ink.

In the second half of the workshop, we’ll focus on the use of watercolor. I’ll do a brief demo of how to use basic techniques and make difficult color like browns, grays, and skin tones. The participants will then have time to apply watercolor to the sketches made earlier.

I’ll approach participants, individually, as they sketch or paint on site to give them advice or answer their questions. At the end of the workshop we will meet and take a photo of the group and their work.

Learning Goals:

  1. Choosing what to sketch
  2. Knowing my two bold steps for composition.
  3. Letting go of fear to use pen and ink straight on paper.
  4. Practicing the use of watercolor layers and complimentary colors.
  5. Mixing few colors on palette.
  6. Keeping muddy colors under control: browns, grays and skin tones.

Supplies List: 

  1. Watercolor paper, loose sheets or sketchbook.
  2. Fountain pen with EF or F nib or liner, waterproof ink.
  3. Watercolor paint, at least primary colors, artist quality if possible.
  4. Waterbrush, or watercolor brushes.

Adriana’s sketches:

Adriana Gasparich - sketch 3Adriana Gasparich - sketch1   Adriana Gasparich - sketch 2

See more Adriana’s work on her blog –


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