What Does the Chicago Sketch Seminar Look Like?

New to the Urban Sketchers Chicago or Urban Sketchers communities?  Thinking about attending the Chicago Sketch Seminar and curious what a Chicago Sketch Seminar looks like?  Look no further. 

On July 9-10, 2016 USk Chicago will host it’s 3rd annual Chicago Sketch Seminar, a weekend filled with workshops and activities which will teach participants a wide variety of sketching techniques used in on location sketching.  Our Seminar brings together a diverse group of people with a wide range of skill levels, professional backgrounds and sketching experience.  Workshop instructors are Chicago based USk Chicago members, and participants will gather for a weekend of camaraderie, community and of course improvement of sketching skills.

Here is a short video from last year’s 2015 Chicago Sketch Seminar!

Many thanks to Kordt Larsen, USk Chicago’s resident photographer and videographer for his generous donation of time in producing this wonderful video.

Stay tuned for more Seminar announcements and information!



American Academy of Art to Host USk Chicago’s 2016 Sketch Seminar!

AAA logoimage1Urban Sketchers Chicago is excited to announce the American Academy of Art (AAA) as the central meeting location for this year’s Sketch Seminar!  Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, the school is located at 332 South Michigan Avenue and within walking distance of a multitude of architectural landmarks, public parks and spaces, museums, theaters and universities. This setting provides a large variety of incredible urban settings for outdoor workshops to take place, which will also allow participants to put workshop instruction to use right away.

While most workshops will take place at outdoor locations, the school’s campus is located on the second and third floors and the seminar will utilize it’s gallery as well as a few of it’s classrooms on the third floor.
image6The school was founded in 1923 by Frank Young with a focus on educating fine and commercial art students.  The school offers a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in numerous disciplines including illustration, modeling, painting and photography just to name a few.  It’s president, Richard Otto has lead the Academy since 1992.

For more information on the American Academy of Art, visit their website.
You can also follow them on:

Twitter: @AmAcademyofArt 
Instagram: @academyofart
Facebook: American Academy of Art 

Many thanks to AAA for their sponsorship of Urban Sketchers Chicago and it’s 2016 Sketch Seminar!